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Project Description

Employability 360

A 3 Credit Course for Undergraduate Students of DIU


Employability 360 degree is a course that is different from all the other courses. The objective of this course is to make students able to implement their learning from other courses. They all are studying to learn and get employed but in most of the cases they learn but they are not able to implement their ideas into employment. Employability 360 degree makes sure that they are in the right track.

  • Solve Own Problems

  • Being Presentable

  • Being Proactive

Course Outline

 Course Description:

Chapter No. Chapter Name Contents Covered
Chapter 01 Career Planning Students will acquire, organize, interpret, and evaluate information from career awareness and exploration activities, career assessment, and work-based experiences to identify and to pursue their career goals.
Chapter 02 Self-Analysis and Personality Development Students will have the ability to analyze their inner self and identify specific strengths and weakness that will help them to develop a great personality. I will help the students to improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitate employability.
Chapter 03 Problem Solving and Organizational Skills Students will make decisions and solve problems by specifying goals, identifying resources and constraints, generating alternatives, considering impacts, choosing appropriate alternatives, implementing plans of action and evaluating results. Students will also identify, organize, plan, and allocate resources (such as time, money, material, and human resources) efficiently and effectively.
Chapter 04 Leadership Skills Development Students will display personal qualities such as responsibility, self-management, self- confidence, ethical behavior, and respect for self and others.
Chapter 05 Job Shadowing Job shadowing is a very useful activity that allows a person to explore a career that they are interested in by spending time with a professional working in that field. It provides more insight than just reading a job description or asking an employee to describe what they do.

Chapter 06 Personal Branding It will help the students to create an image for themselves. It includes how they will write their CV, how to interact with people in social media, how to dress, how to talk and body language. These are things that creates a strong personal brand.
Chapter 07 Teamwork Students will work cooperatively with people of diverse backgrounds and abilities, identify with the group’s goals and values, learn to exercise leadership, teach others new skills serve clients or customers, and will contribute to a group process with ideas, suggestions, and efforts.
Chapter 08 Interpersonal and Negotiation  Skills Development Students will communicate ideas to support a position and negotiate to resolve divergent interests.
Chapter 09 Understanding Systems and Technological Advancement Students will learn to understand, monitor, and improve complex systems, including social, technical, and mechanical systems, and work with and maintain a variety of technologies.
Chapter 10 Change Management Students will integrate employability 360 skills into behaviors which prepare them for obtaining, maintaining, advancing, and changing employment.
Corporate Orientation Students will visit industry and gain hand-on practical experience

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